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About us:

   Cheng’s Enterprises Corporation was established in Taipei in 1970. In the beginning, we specialized in producing and exporting bicycle parts. From that time, we’ve gained good reputations and supports from numerous customers so we could operate and expand continually. Due to changes of the market and customers’ demands, we have started to export the bicycle manufacturing machines since 1983. Moreover, we have adopted multiple operation strategies from 1987 and stretch our business to sport equipments and wheelchairs etc.

   We set up a branch office in Shenzhen and Shanghai (Kunshan) in 2001 and 2008 respectively. Our purpose is to enhance quality controlling, strive for reducing costs and boost customers’ satisfactory.

   In 2009, we built up Engineering and R&D Systems to coordinate with customers for merchandise designation and development. We insist profession and innovation, efficiency and good service as our operate guidance and we expect to make progress with clients and suppliers.

   Our core value and capability is to providing an integrated service for our customers.

TEL: (02) 23938251-4        FAX: (02) 23919248    23957786
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